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Transfer of Good Agricultural Practices

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Title “Transfer of Good Agricultural Practices “

Number: TR2009/0135.03-02/034

The objective of the project  is to contribute regional sustainable development in Tekirdag and to strengthen relationship between Turkey and EU Member States by adopting Good Agricultural Practices, inspired from the experience of Greece and Romania, as old and new Member States.

Total duration of the action: 12 months, December 2012 - December 2013

Budget : 126.679,70 Euro

Applicant: Tekirdag Commodity Exchange (Tekirdag  CE), Turkey

Partners: Grevena Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Grevena CCI), Greece and Arad Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture (Arad CCIA), Romania

Locations of the action: Tekirdag -Turkey, Grevena - Greece, Arad - Romania

Target groups: 100 members of Tekirdag CE, farmers which produce wheat, barley, canola, safflower, and sunflower; have more than 1000 hectares of cultivated area; and have more than 20 years of experience in this sector were informed about the importance of producing high quality goods and increased their  knowledge about Good Agricultural Practices.


  • Conscious level of farmers in Tekirdag in terms of the advantages of adopting Good Agricultural Practices has increased.
  • Competitive capacity of the farmers in Tekirdag has increased.
  • Institutional capacity of Tekirdag CE has increased.
  • Awareness about Good Agricultural Practices and the project have increased among the locals.
  • Working conditions in farms in Tekirdag have been healed
  • Cooperation between Europe and Turkey regarding agricultural issues
  • GAP from Romania and Greece to Turkey has been transferred
  • GAP is becoming widespread in Tekirdag

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“GAP” Handbook

The handbook is printed in Turkish and English so that all farmers in three partner cities will benefit. It includes the objectives, activities and results of the project. The Handbook also analyzes agricultural development and GAP adaptation level in each country. It also provides information about the situation of Turkey’s and Tekirdag’s. The handbooks have been distributed during the Closing Meeting.


Closing Meeting at Tekirdag (November 29th -30th)

The meeting took place at the seminar room of Tekirdag CE with the participation of local actors and authorized people from Tekirdag CE, Grevena C and Arad CCIA. The activities and results of the project have been shared with the participants. GAP Handbooks are distributed to the participants and their content has been explained in general with slide shows. After the meeting a mini cocktail and lunch took place.

Closing Meeting

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