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History and Scope

The Grevena Chamber of Commerce is a public entity which was founded in 1976 (237/4.9.76/t.A)and operates within the administrative boundaries of the Prefecture of Grevena. There are 4 departments within the organisation, which has a total membership of 2420:

  • The Department of Commerce (663 members)

  • The Department of Manufacturing (359 members)

  • The Department of Tourism (183 members)

  • Miscellaneous -whose members are classified by activity. (1215 members)

The administration of the Chamber is by the Board of Directors and the Management Committee

The Grevena Chamber's scope of work includes:

  • The development and protection of trade, industry, crafts and professions in the region of Grevena, and to progress it's economy to satisfy national interests.
  • Providing financial recommendations to the state which benefit the development of the regional economy and thereby serve the national economy.
  • Organisation of conferences, seminars and educational programs for the advancement and training of young professionals and the unemployed.
  • Participation in domestic and international fairs and expos.
  • ΥΜΣ operation and establishing ΓΕΜΗ compliant businesses.
  • Record keeping and licensing of insurance intermediaries.
  • Record keeping and licensing of Realtors.
  • Registry and licensing of exporters
  • Provision of information about national and European Union programs and grants to members, and assistance to optimise the oppotunities afforded by these programs. The Grevena Chamber of Commerce  has proven experience in the implementation of training and European Union programs. Since 1992 we have implemented 4 vocational training programs in Computing and Computerised Accounting. And amongst others, have participated in the following Community Programs: ADART - E.P.V., ELECTRONIC TRADE REGION. WESTERN. MACEDONIA, ORESTIDA-RWM, SOCIETY of INFORMATION, INTEGRATED PROGRAMME FOR RECONSTRUCTION Grevena-Kozani, INTERREG PROGRAMMES, GREEN ENTERPRISE, digital convergence. These programs have benefited our members and by extension, contributed to the economic development of Greece.

A founding member of ΚΕΠΑ-ΑΝΕΜ, together with the Chambers of Commerce for Central and Western Macedonia we have implemented many programs for entrepreneurs


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Εμπορικό Επιμελητήριο Γρεβενών

Τηλ. +24620 85501 (-2)
Τηλ. +24620 85505 (Δ.Προϊστ.)
Τηλ. +24620 83550 (Προέδρου)
Φαξ. +24620 80310, 83560
Διεύθυνση Εμμανουήλ Παπά 7, Τ.Κ. 51100, Γρεβενά
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