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Crossborder Program Greece-Albania, In Common

The project InCommon encourages a joint effort of partners in the eligible area , which leads the Chamber of Grevena , to promote traditional products and behaviors that characterize the history of each region .By promoting a basket of products and traditional recipes in each region , the InCommon project seeks to mobilize local stakeholders . In addition , the project adopts a " quality logo » ("quality logo") which is only awarded to companies and financial institutions that meet the quality criteria. These companies will be required to use traditional products (eg cheese salad traditional " basket " in Grevena ) and traditional recipes . The goal of this effort is to create " quality locations » ("quality areas") which will enhance the traditional products strategically . This in turn will become a magnet for tourists and travelers .Tourists who decide to visit the sites involved in the project will be aware in advance of the internet , road maps , Facebook and Youtube, the places that must be visited and businesses that have been awarded the quality logo .

The project aims also to create a strong synergy with long lasting effects in the border region . Also , attempts to change how we conduct local bodies of interest and give them the opportunity to promote their products and services . The strategic impact of the project is to change behavior towards tourists and travelers visiting the place. It will provide them with the proper guidance , will help them to be aware of any complaints procedure and also will provide an opportunity to local interest to create a " quality zone » ("quality zone") that will attract even more people than today .

The primary objective of the project is to enhance the sustainable development of tourism in the regions participating in the project. To achieve this will mobilize local actors and interest in both countries , will determine the basket of local goods , we designed a strategy to disseminate the logo ( criteria , feedback processes , etc. ) and will also organize festivals with traditional local recipes to highlight the project .The groups - the project aims to visitors of all ages , local interest entities (customers , producers and policy makers ) , schools will be visited en masse these areas , and of course new . Especially the last category is of particular importance because the aim of the project is to create added value in the area. This can help young people to love their homelands , their place of origin , and decide to stay in the region and to work there. Of course , this can be possible only if the sites provide additional employment opportunities and have a positive aura for everyone . This is the impact of cross-border cooperation project and the total value added by the project.

For companies concerned may download the application (pdf file)


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